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Destabilization of the DNA double helix in cancer--Mirko Beljanski's theory of carcinogenesis and anti-cancer extracts.
today announced its Grand Opening, which coincides with National DNA Day, the anniversary of the publication of the DNA double helix structure in April 1953.
One of the surprising things that comes out of this study is that we also see that the enzyme has to unwind the DNA double helix.
US Congress designated April 25 as National DNA Day and the month April as Genome Month in celebration of the anniversary of James Watson and Francis Crick's publication of DNA Double Helix Structure.
DNA's chemical components confer on it a powerful versatility, rooted in the forces that bind one strand of the DNA double helix to the other.
Pupils at the Dixie Grammar School are making a DNA double helix, while mythical animals are being created by youngsters at Market Bosworth High School.
Thirty years later it is an unexpected pleasure to be invited to join the chorus, indeed the symphony, celebrating the golden anniversary of the DNA double helix and the sequencing of a complete human genome and to reflect upon how deciphering the structure of DNA was fundamental to the fields of mutagenesis and genetic toxicology and more recently to the emerging field of toxicogenomics.
2+] ligand stabilizes the DNA double helix structure; and (ii) swelling measurements (via optical microscopy) as a function of relative humidity were done on wetspun oriented films of NaDNA.
James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA Double Helix, as predicting that Folkman would ``cure cancer in two years.
Fifty years after Watson and Crick discovered the DNA double helix, two small companies, PubGene Inc.
They found that MSL increases gene expression on the X-chromosome by cracking open the DNA double helix more frequently.
Rosalind Franklin's work was important in Watson and Crick's elucidation of the DNA double helix, but it is not correct that they never credited her.
A DNA double helix containing a mutation has a very distinct signature when analyzed by DHPLC.
Palindromes are unstable sequences of DNA, and are prone to protrude from the DNA double helix in fragile structures called hairpins and cruciforms," said Hiroki Kurahashi, M.