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Programmed DNA deletion as an RNA-guided system of genome defense.
Several groups have found that the same mitochondrial DNA deletion can cause a variety of ailments, depending on the fetal stage at which the mutation occurs.
Mitochondrial DNA deletion was determined by Southern transfer analysis.
Caption: Common loss Researchers used DNA deletions to trace relationships among human groups by region.
In the present study, we examined the role of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), a clinically proven safe agent, for it's ability to protect against gamma-ray-induced DNA strand breaks and/or DNA deletions in yeast and mammals.
However, by using a prototype plasmid-based microarray that covered 10% of the genome, we found multiple genomic DNA deletions among 30 M.
Projects are discovering molecular signatures by analysis of gene expression at the RNA level, gene expression following protein translation, gene mutations, DNA deletions, DNA amplifications, epigenetic changes of DNA and post-translational modification of proteins.
The markers included DNA deletions and insertions, as well as more subtle changes in the Y's DNA sequence.