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a microchip that holds DNA probes that form half of the DNA double helix and can recognize DNA from samples being tested

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Now, using this new technique of DNA chip technology, we can test hundreds of pieces of DNA for their potential to target this rogue gene's instructions.
Sunnyvale, CA; 408-524-8100) announced the issuance of United States Patent 5,882,930, titled "Reagent Transfer Device," which covers a printing device to enhance the speed and efficiency for the production of DNA chips.
Affymetrix Corporation (Santa Clara, CA) uses this technology to make their Genechip(TM), which was the first DNA chip to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for molecular diagnosis of reverse transcriptase gene mutations in HIV.
Many scientists are eager to marry the massive amount of information within the fruit fly genome to a recently developed technology called DNA chips.
Industry Overview II-1 Promising Biochips Promote Biological Research II-1 Market Scenario across Products and Regions II-1 DNA Chips Lead the Application Front II-2 Probable Industry Directions II-2 Biochip Technology Boosts Personalised Medicine II-3 Biochip Technology Spreads beyond Pharma Industry II-3 Protein Chips to Shape the Future II-4 Proteomics " Chip" into Biochip Technology II-4 Towards Increasing Minaturization II-4 European Advancements Set Diagnostic Procedures II-5 Competitive Scenario II-5 Major Participants II-5 Roche and Affymetrix Taste Success in the Diagnostics Market II-6 Growing Partnerships between Pharma and Biotech Companies II-6 Tech Giants Join the Biochip Fray II-7
IBM to Use DNA Chip for Developing Personalized Medicine II-59
The DNA chip was then rinsed with the detection buffer and placed between a microscope slide and a microcover glass without the necessity of an additional step.
One type of DNA chip is used for automated DNA sequencing.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 6, 2005 - (JCN) - DNA Chip Research (TSE: 2397) has developed a prototype DNA chip for diagnosing lung cancer in collaboration with Chiba University.
that has been at the forefront of DNA chip manufacturing and research.
Toshiba Hokuto Electronics has supported development and prototype production and will take responsibility for manufacturing the commercialized DNA chip and detection system.
OTC Bulletin Board: WGBS), a leading developer of state-of-the-art genomic analysis systems, today announced that DNA Chip Research Inc.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 5, 2005 - (JCN) - Toray and DNA Chip Research jointly announced on December 5 that they have entered into a joint research agreement, whereby the companies will strive to develop a high-performance DNA chip by combining Toray's proprietary DNA chip and DNA Chip Research's technology for synthesizing and designing oligonucleotide DNA.
If biotechnology is the hottest market in the analytical instruments industry, then DNA chip technologies have to be among the hottest of the hot.
Nature Biotechnology) as well as unique DNA chip technology used to create a 'fatherless mice'(2004.