genetic fingerprinting

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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1 Early mitochondrial DNA analyses suggested three waves of migration that correspond to three Native American language groups--Amerind (brown arrow), Na-Dene (blue arrow) and Eskaleut (orange arrow).
TGC's Dr Stephen Harrison says on the site that genetics are a poorly understood aspect of breeding, even among breeders, with millions spent producing foals which are subsequently unsuccessful, yet comparatively limited expenditure spent on DNA analyses.
Right now only two states, Illinois and New York, have laws giving prisoners the right to postconviction DNA analyses.
Conducting DNA analyses through the GEN ID system will take the guess work out of prescribing difficult medical protocol for individuals.
Just such DNA analyses helped scientists confirm the presence of people in the New World as far back as 24,000 years ago - twice what they originally believed.