genetic fingerprinting

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the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification

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Osborne stated that the creation of a federal right to test DNA evidence would be premature because states were dealing with DNA adequately and effectively.
Sollecito was jailed for 25 years and Knox for 26 but both now claim DNA evidence was unreliable.
We are clear, however, that they could perfectly logically consider that the DNA evidence strongly pointed to the guilt of the appellants.
So far no DNA evidence has been shown to the defence, who claim that the case is beginning to fall apart.
Over the years, the Innocence Project amassed a large collection of records from the cases of those exonerated through DNA evidence.
Newport-based Mr Hodge said the use of DNA evidence was incredibly useful and was being used increasingly in identifying criminals.
But it was not until she was arrested in Bournemouth in January this year for another attack that police in Derbyshire got a match for DNA evidence found on a fleece worn by the 2003 attacker.
But the contribution of DNA evidence to policing was further questioned by foresnic expert Chief Constable Chris Sims, who told a House of Commons select committee this month that DNA helps solve just 0.
There was strong DNA evidence proving Sinclair and his late brother-in-law Gordon Hamilton, who died aged 41 in 1997, had sex with Helen Scott and Christine Eadie after leaving the pub in Edinburgh on October 15, 1977.
A bill before the Oregon Legislature would remove the statute of limitations in first-degree rape cases in which DNA evidence is available.
Detective Chief Inspector Jeffrey Smyth told the court that DNA evidence found in the car used by the killers in their getaway linked Duffy to the killings.
This fascinating book lets you into the strange and challenging world of forensic pathologists, who use amazing high-tech methods --plus a lot of smarts--to find hidden DNA evidence at crime scenes.
WORCESTER - A homeless city man who has been held without bail for more than two years while facing charges he murdered a Worcester woman in August 2006 was released on personal recognizance yesterday after a prosecutor said DNA evidence in the case matched someone else.
As the science of DNA testing improves, labs can go further and further back in time to test even damaged and partially decomposed DNA evidence.