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a doctor's degree in music

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0]) corresponds to the radial efficiency of DMU 0 in period t2 evaluated by using the VRS production technology of the period t1.
DMU Reference Unites Iran Tose'eh Karafarin Ma Kousar Mihan Asia [check] [check] [check] Dana [check] [check] [check] Moalem [check] [check] [check] Pasargad [check] [check] [check]
0] (DMU to be evaluated); the number of DMUs is j = 1, 2, .
ik] for three DMUs were -1000, -50, 300 and b was set to 1010.
1996), respectively, can be employed to estimate the status of RTS for DMUs (Banker 1984; Banker et al.
Quanto ao primeiro objetivo, foi demonstrado o poder explicativo dos modelos DEA-CCR, DEA-BCC e DEA-NIRS, os quais, em conjunto, justificaram a existencia de processos produtivos nos quais a tecnologia utilizada resulta no fato de que a produtividade maxima varia em funcao da escala de producao--o que permite contemplar em simultaneo DMUs com portes distintos, assim como determinar a natureza das ineficiencias de escala correspondentes.
As a prime contractor, the company has developed, managed and delivered transit systems for Chicago's Metra, the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, the Maryland Mass Transit Administration, California's CALTRANS Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, the Los Angeles County MTA, the Virginia Railway Express, and will begin the delivery of DMUs to SMART and Metrolinx at the end of 2013.
The many models of DEA are based on the analysis of efficiency of DMUs with multiple inputs and outputs, and originate in the idea of creating a frontier of efficiency in which efficient DMUs are placed on the surface of the frontier, while the inefficient ones are placed internally below the frontier.
Under VRS production technology, the number of efficient DMUs exceeded the number of efficient DMUs under CRS production technology.
th] input, s = the number of outputs, m = the number of inputs, and n is the number of DMUs (airports).
The London-born Samuel Arnold, who held a DMus from Oxford and was equally skilled as an editor, composer and organist (at Westminster Abbey, no less, where he was buried), made a regular practice of creating reworked editions of scores by his contemporaries and near contemporaries, including a version of Pergolesi's La serva padrona and a stage work of his own after Beaumarchais' Le barbier de Seville.
Suppose that input-output data are observed for n DMUs.
Apart from announcing 17 new express trains and four DMUs and extension of several other trains, Mamata has announced major extension of the Kolkata Metro.
This advantage is, however, offset by the SFA's requirement for having a pre-determined production function, common between all the DMUs (decision making units).