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the United Kingdom's central unit for the tasking and coordination and funding of intelligence and security agencies

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0 will benefit all of the DMTF s initiatives, Alliance Partners and the industry as a whole, Bob Freund, vice president of interoperability of the DMTF, said.
The DMTF board of directors is led by 16 innovative, industry-leading technology companies.
Chinese companies are continuing to influence the IT management sector, particularly as cloud computing gains international industry momentum," said Zhou Ping, Chair, DMTF China Chapter.
Microsoft is pleased to have contributed to the development of standards for cloud infrastructure management that build on proven existing DMTF standards such as the Common Information Model and the Open Virtualization Format," said Paul Cotton, Partner Group Manager at Microsoft.
DMTF has recently established itself in the cloud computing space through its Cloud Management Initiative, which includes contributions from several work groups aimed to achieve interoperable cloud management between service providers and their consumers and developers.
As part of this newly forged relationship, the TM Forum's Cloud and New Services Initiative, which provides a forum for the entire cloud eco-system to drive operational and management solutions for cloud services, and DMTF will tackle a number of industry issues including: external private cloud; cloud-dynamic business modeling; cloud service brokers; billing and SLA management for the cloud.
As the global industry organization leading the development, adoption, validation and promotion of interoperable systems management standards, DMTF enables more effective management of millions of IT systems worldwide.
0 standard have been listed in the DMTF Certification Registry.
These standards are the first DMTF specifications to be published internationally, marking a substantial achievement for the organization.
Red Hat is excited to join the DMTF Board of Directors and help drive the development of industry-wide cloud management standards," said David Lutterkort, principal software engineer at Red Hat, who will represent Red Hat on the Board.
DMTF continues to be a leader in the development of cloud standards, through our Cloud Management Work Group (CMWG) and our Software License Management (SLM) Incubator, as well as close collaboration with our alliance partners who are also focused on the cloud," said Winston Bumpus, DMTF president.
DMTF), the organization bringing the IT industry together to collaborate on systems management standards development, validation, promotion and adoption, today announced that Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions around the world, has been elected to the DMTF Board of Directors.
Program Expands Opportunities for Vendors to Validate Products for Conformance with DMTF Standards
As a member of the DMTF cloud management workgroup, Orange Business Services will help promote Open Virtual Format (OVF), a current American Standard, to becoming an international standard.
DMTF has a proven track record of developing industry wide standard and is an industry leader in the development of cloud management standards through our Open Cloud Standards Incubator and our Cloud Management Working Group," said Winston Bumpus, DMTF president.