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the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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This illegal practice should be stopped, otherwise, one after another, the green areas in markets will be eaten up,' a DMA official said.
The new platform of the DMA 3200 is said to combine the strengths of the company's DMA technologies with the performance of the ElectroForce motor, acquired from Bose.
He also informed the meeting that DMA has taken many steps to meet any emergency during the monsoon season and all the concerned departments were issued alerts to meet the flood situation during the monsoon rains.
DMA services include automatic order routing (AOR) and sponsored access.
Since 2008, the exchange has provided four methods for DMA trading into its derivatives market.
As we enter into the new decade and are anticipating an economic resurgence, it's more important than ever to ensure that both traditional and digital multichannel direct marketing is at the forefront of that recovery," said Eugene Raitt, chairman of the DMA Board of Directors.
First Party DMA further minimizes rotational latency by allowing the drive to return data out-of-order.
For more information and to register, contact Laura Pittman at DMA.
Blankenship says the DMA is supporting an initiative by the American Forest & Paper Association, "Recycle Please," that aims to increase the paper recovery rate to 55 percent by 2012.
SHIP is the brainchild of Tom Ralabate, assistant chair of the University at Buffalo dance department and DMA national education director.
org, which operates three services to remove consumers from DMA members' telemarketing lists.
While asynchronous 110 certainly is important in the implementation of data acquisition and control drivers, we are going to concentrate on the more challenging task of moving large amounts of data very quickly via DMA.
The Promise requires DMA members to give notice when they share customers' personal information with other marketers and to permit customers to opt out if they don't want their information shared.
DMA now accounts for about 54 percent of total advertising outlays (Statistical Fact Book, 1993-94).
DMA Solutions, a sales and marketing firm, announced that they recently received a national sales award - a campaign cup - for their excellent work on behalf of a major telecommunications client.