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the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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The Intel Viiv technology verified DiXiM DMA HAK will be released to consumer electronics manufacturers after August of 2006.
The transition temperature determined by DMA (or other dynamic techniques) is not only heating-rate dependent but also frequency dependent.
I'm very excited to be joining DMA at a time when so much positive attention in the business world is focusing on direct marketing across so many diverse channels," said Woolley.
DMA Insurance Housing Assistants provides fully furnished short-term housing for the "Additional Living Expense" portion of property loss claims due to fire, flood or wind damage.
DMA will implement a systematic monitoring process for all CCC guidelines and will make every effort to assist members with compliance.
DMA's Committee on the Environment and Social Responsibility evaluated more than 100 environmental practices before deciding upon the 15 recommendations reflected in the DMA Board resolution.
Table 1: Measured DDA Within DMAs in the 2005 YPMR Program* New York DMA Dallas-Ft Worth DMA Cleveland-Akron DMA Manhattan, NY Washington, D.
The DMA Board of Directors voted today to require all members using e-mail for communication and transaction purposes to adopt and use identification and authentication protocols.
DMA interface mode is also included and reduces the processor power required to manage the CompactFlash data transfers.
The DMA agrees with Senator Schumer that identity theft is a major sap on the national economy, costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars every year," said John A.
announced that DigiOn has updated their DiXiM DMA (Digital Media Adapter) HAK (Hardware Adaptation Kit) used to develop digital appliances for use on a home network, and has developed a new product, the "DiXiM DMA HAK 3.
Moreover, The DMA continues to work aggressively with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect against cell phone solicitations by ensuring that marketers understand and comply fully with the law.