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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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Brian Strosser comes to DLT from NetApp where he most recently served as the director for U.
For example, when DLT was introduced in the mid-1990s, the average ratio between a 3480 tape cartridge and a system disk was in the range of 2-to-1 while the same ratio for a DLT tape cartridge was over 20-to-1.
pdf), DLT has been at the forefront of GSA IT purchasing initiatives and programs in recent years.
Major manufacturers of DLT tape media are making efforts to assure the end user that its DLT tape has not been previously used and then resold without their knowledge.
Overland will offer next-generation automated DLT solutions with DLT 8000 and SDLT, in keeping with the company's strategy to offer the widest variety of DLT technologies.
DLT welcomes its participation in the Crossroads BIA Partner Program," said Rick Marcotte, President and CEO of DLT Solutions, Inc.
SDLT makes use of new technologies as well, and has the added requirement that SDLT, for market reasons, must necessarily be backward-compatible with earlier generations of DLT media.
Of course, our new Tandberg Super DLT (with up to 100GB of storage) and DLT Autoloader (backing up seven cartridges automatically) offer the same engineering precision, long-term warranty, and they're user friendly, too.
The DLT-1 is an interesting product--it has the capacity (40GB native) of a much more expensive DLT 8000 drive, but half the transfer rate (3MB/sec for the Benchmark drive vs.
Ultimately, through its team of salespeople and technical experts, DLT provides a 'force multiplier' for our own customer support, and its success is Symantec's success.
The DLT1-based products bring Overland customers additions to the company's DLT-based solutions and leverage the value of the DLT1 format to open up the robustness and reliability of DLT technology to customers.
DLT tape technology is a trusted choice for data centers to backup, recover and archive critical business data.
Tandberg Data ASA announced that their information storage platforms Travan, SLR, and DLT range of tape drives and tape automation products will be bundled with ARCserveIT, Computer Associates International, Inc.
Our aggressive sales efforts and marketing programs drove company sales to a record level across almost all technology areas and vendor partners," said DLT president and CEO, Rick Marcotte.
All year, Computer Technology Review has been covering the tape drive business as if there was an ongoing war between DLT and all other technologies.