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a type of network technology for local area networks

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Neale Foster, COO and VP Global Sales TV, ACCESS Europe, commented: By integrating the DLNA VidiPath requirements with NetFront Browser BE, we allow Android device manufacturers to enable their devices to access operators streaming services for Hollywood studio content.
In summary, access 40,000 radio stations, use MP3, WMA, FLAC and AAC formats, big screen viewing via DLNA, Chromecast, Airplay, sort, view and share photos, automatically connects to DNLA, Chromecast or Bluetooth devices, Dropbox integration and more.
Last, AwoX DLNA will also be featured inside Neotion DVBeacon, a PayTV headless gateway for SmartTV clients(Hall 4, booth B53).
These Guidelines are an extension of the standard DLNA Guidelines and enable client devices certified to the CVP-2 Guidelines to interoperate and share media with the billions of existing DLNA Certified servers.
Pan and zoom photos: A world first in DLNA mobile-to-TV functionality, users can pan and zoom around photos on their smart TVs.
Manages all multimedia content (including YouTube channels) between DLNA compliant devices within media network over Wi-Fi or remote network access from anywhere inside and outside network environment
Communication standards that have been certified by the DLNA Guidelines include IEEE 802.
Its HbbTV, DLNA and widget solutions are widely deployed and competitively priced, enabling optimal enduser device cost.
Ensuring that our new Web connected printers are DLNA Certified[R] is an important step in helping our customers have a seamless experience when it comes to connectivity in the home," said Tuan Tran, vice president and general manager, Inkjet Consumer Solutions, HP.
The company has integrated PacketVideo's Twonky application into the device to offer users a seamless experience for digital media sharing on compatible home and mobile devices, according to Vodafone, which said that the application supports multiple standards including DLNA standards, UpNP and proprietary protocols.
We very firmly believe that DLNA is the best standard that has the technical capability and device manufacturer buy-in to deliver this.
RVU is based on the foundations of DLNA, is part of the DLNA guidelines, and allows streaming of video via secured connections from a central server to compatible CE devices.
the market leader in interoperable file system technologies announced today the launch of an easy-to-use AirPlay and DLNA media streaming app for Android devices.
This engine utilizes image sharpening technology, which gives extremely naturally renderings of the borders and contours of images, and color adjustment technology, which adjusts color intensity and brightness, to give users high-quality images of mobile device broadcasts, Internet videos, and content from AV equipment over DLNA networks.