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Synonyms for extension

Synonyms for extension

the act of making something longer or the condition of being made longer

the act of increasing in dimensions, scope, or inclusiveness

an area within which something or someone exists, acts, or has influence or power

a part added to a main structure


Synonyms for extension

a mutually agreed delay in the date set for the completion of a job or payment of a debt

act of expanding in scope

the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions

an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students

act of stretching or straightening out a flexed limb

a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters

the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

the ability to raise the working leg high in the air

Related Words

amount or degree or range to which something extends

an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line

an addition to the length of something

an addition that extends a main building

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The new programme follows the successful roll out of DLL financing backed by EUR 25 million, for climate impact projects, from the EIB earlier this year.
We have received many reports that in many schools, the DLLs cause additional yet unnecessary hardship to teachers, and worse, without additional compensation,' the group said, after commending Briones.
3] was the first one to come up with a modification of the standard DLL that solved the problem of gain imbalance and maintained performance.
But start talking about DLLs, IRQs and other alphabet-soup terms, and we're left looking for help.
In addition, the designer can verify the computed values returned by the model, verifying the validity of the model DLL.
The EIB is pleased that it has been able to provide a total of EUR 500 million (400 for normal investments and 100 for impact investments) through Rabobank and DLL as an encouragement to Dutch entrepreneurs to make further investments.
The integrated PHY and DLL, licensed as a hard macro, reduces our integration effort and improves our time to market.
First Five California will announce that they are developing a $16 million DLL Pilot to identify effective culturally and linguistically responsive strategies to better support young children who are DLLs.
The DLL has all JAUS message and component classes, as well as many helper classes.
If there is a conflicting DLL, for example, they can install their own copy and route around it.
ARM(R) Artisan(R) DDR2 I/O technology enables a reliable, high-performance interface for signal integrity and noise reduction, and the DLL IP from True Circuits, Inc.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) signed an agreement with Rabobank and DLL to further support Dutch SMEs and mid-caps.
The company is adding OpenGL (the standard coding language for graphics rendering) and DLL (dynamic link library) functionality to its software developer's kit (SDK) for the award-winning consumer personal display system designed for PC gaming and virtual reality applications.
TGL, the 100%-owned subsidiary of DLL, is bringing up a 49.
iVivity selected Ingot's IP4001 DDR1/DDR2 Intelligent Memory Manager (IMM) IP Core along with the companion Ingot IP4010 DDR SDRAM PHY with DLL.