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a chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40

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Although, generally, it is not advised to use a high-potency steroid on the face, it can be helpful in DLE.
Now how these Treg cells interplay their role in DLE in a HIV positive patient needs more knowledge at the molecular level and further detailing.
One study showed that children with DLE progress to SLE at a rate of 23.
4] The risk is higher with disseminated DLE (22%) than DLE confined to head and neck (1.
Quanto ao sacadico, a tabela 2 mostrou diferenca estatistica (p<0,05) entre os resultados do grupo controle e o DLE.
We report the case of a young woman with a 10-year history of DLE (limited to the face), who developed a life-threatening lupus complication, namely, a pulmonary hemorrhage.
Head, professor of geological science, suggests that DLEs are the result of impacts onto a surface that was covered by a layer of glacial ice tens of meters thick.
DLE systems have advanced software that allows the user to define parameters that control the formation of the image--especially in the z-axis--"on the fly" during the engraving process.
Carpenter and Demiralp (2006) and Hamilton (1997) claim that estimates of the DLE provide evidence of the existence of the Friedman LE.
It has now been shown that the SGT-800 DLE system can operate with heavy hydrocarbons as well as on diluted natural gas with up to 50 per cent nitrogen content while still maintaining impressive low emission levels," the company said in a statement.
Research also illustrates that further work needs to be done to help educators and parents fully understand the benefits of DLE because of the misconceptions that surround it.
This new fueling station is safe, environmentally friendly and fast-filling, with the capacity to fill four buses at the same time," said Ted Olsen, a DLE manager.
DLE selects and arranges content automatically to suit the learning parameters of the employee, enabling content ranging from a brief overview through to an in-depth course to be created.
Content included demographics, personal history of diabetes, DLE training, clients' self-management of diabetes, and experiences in the Diabetes Lay Educator Program.