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a chronic skin disease occurring primarily in women between the ages of 20 and 40

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Experience has taught us that the US youth market respects the originality and style of Japanese animation, so we believe our content will find a welcome home in the United States," said Ryuta Shiiki, President/Executive Producer of DLE.
DLE were hired to calculate construction costs but not an overall total.
It will be available with both M&IE's DLE and standard combustion systems.
R333 and Discoid Lupus Currently available treatments for DLE have either poor efficacy or significant toxicities.
The DLE combustor has been developed specifically for industrial use where emission requirements, high operability and fuel flexibility are required.
Crunchyroll is honored to work with several innovative content companies, such as Akibanana, DLE, GDH and GTChannel to bring their unique content to our passionate community of fans.
The Series 300 product line is based on Color Kinetics' proven Chromacore(R) technology and is compatible with its IntelliWhite(TM) family of power/data supplies and controllers, as well as third-party controllers, making the DLEs easily adaptable to both standard and new fixture designs.
The DLE product line represents years of technology development and expertise, and offers an integrated solution that spans LED technology, power and control products, support and services.
DLE will be quoted and traded as an equity, issued in round lots of 100.
The campaign is being spearheaded in Kirklees and Calderdale by David Ellis, of Halifax-based contractor DLE Construction, who has asked local MP Linda Riordan to raise the issue at Westminster.
Stork DLE systems are available from the company or through Anderson & Vreeland.
Thornton (2001a) showed that (i) Hamilton's estimates of the DLE were the consequence of a few extreme observations and (ii) there was no evidence of a DLE using Hamilton's model and methodology for his sample period and for sample periods before or after that period.
It has now been shown that the SGT-800 DLE system can operate with heavy hydrocarbons as well as on diluted natural gas with up to 50 per cent nitrogen content while still maintaining impressive low emission levels," the company said in a statement.
This new fueling station is safe, environmentally friendly and fast-filling, with the capacity to fill four buses at the same time," said Ted Olsen, a DLE manager.