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a polymer of vinyl chloride used instead of rubber in electric cables

irregularity of cardiac rhythm

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By merging ASE management traffic with the customer's data traffic, a service provider or enterprise requires only a single dedicated management DLCI per customer.
Ease-of-use features include SmartMatch, a utility which simplifies frame relay configuration by automatically detecting the DLCI (Data Link Circuit I.
Research services and information support specialist "advisory service" related to the ICT market and support services to the "governance" of the ICT systems of the DLCI.
significance of the virtual circuit parameters CIR and DLCI
Traffic can then be analyzed by the individual DLCI or against the whole trunk.
VNIP provides dynamic DLCI topology discovery (eliminating tedious and error-prone manual mapping), end-to-end performance data correlation to automate network troubleshooting, PVC-level loopbacks and diagnostics, frame discard measurements and true end-to-end latency measurements that eliminate router-induced latency normally associated with IP PING-based measurement mechanisms.