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the shorter of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code

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The cost was reduced for 2013 to e1/4105 per hour but with no end in sight, Michaelides slammed DITS for the delay.
The cost has been set by the only company that could meet the terms included in the tender by the DITS, i.
DITS director Costas Agrotis rejects the accusations, shifting the blame for the delay to the government's austerity policy.
Agrotis said DITS could not have tailored the tender to suit the needs of a certain company, arguing that the terms and conditions have to go through a number of government agencies -- including legal services -- which are not under DITS control.
Su Spencer, DITS acting general manager for strategic planning and policy, said government agencies had been involved in an evaluation of Unicenter even before the EDS contract was in place.