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Synonyms for distaste

Synonyms for distaste

an attitude or feeling of aversion

to have a feeling of aversion for

Synonyms for distaste

a feeling of intense dislike

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None of the 6 pairs of experimental objects was specifically contrasted in DISTAR Language.
The DISTAR Language programs as well as many scoring schemes for not-same comparisons allow for the description of just a single object (Carnine, et.
The use of category terms by the NCT children never grew despite the presentation of some category terms in the ongoing DISTAR Language classes and perhaps during everyday non-classroom interactions.
The use of category terms in the adult's questions, but not always in the children's answers, was largely true for the DISTAR Language Program.
The CT children were seen individually for experimental control purposes, but the same training procedures can be easily implemented during the regular DISTAR Language classes.
Daily instructional classes were held using Levels 1 and 2 of the DISTAR Language, Reading, and Arithmetic programs.
Nature of Clusters, Categories and Descriptors and Use in DISTAR Language
Only those category terms and related descriptors that were mentioned in the scripts of 10 or more tasks of the DISTAR Language program were considered as frequently taught or presented concepts.
The DISTAR Language scripts mentioned several T and NT objects.