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(computer science) one of a set of small on-off switches mounted in computer hardware

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PC mounted DIP switches provide configuration support for evaluation boards and support up to 12 positions.
The multiple connector options, along with the ability to match impedance and biasing through externally accessible DIP switches, allow the maximum flexibility and ease of installation for our customers.
protection relays without the IEC 61850 communication but simple configuration, for example, dip switches, or by menu-based user interface on the contactor
Xilinx Devices on Board: XC4VLX25-FF668-10C, XC95144XL, XCCACE (System ACE CF), XCF32P (32Mb Platform Flash) -- Clocks: 100 MHz Oscillator, 2 Clock Sockets, 2 Clock SMA input and output pairs -- Memory: 64 MB DDR SDRAM, 1MB ZBT SRAM, 8MB Flash, 4 KB IIC EEPROM -- Display: 16x2 Character LCD, DB15 VGA output -- Configuration: SystemACE, PlatformFlash, Flash, PC-4 JTAG cable -- Networking: 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY with RJ-45 Connector -- Connectors and Interfaces: 2 PS/2 Connectors, 4 Audio Jacks, RS-232 Serial Port, 3 USB, 64-Bit User Expansion Connector -- General Purpose I/O: Buttons, LEDs, and DIP Switches About Xilinx Virtex-4 Platform FPGAs
Each DB9M serial port is configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 via dip switches accessible through the case, and optical isolation protects the host computer from damaging voltage surges and ground loops commonly found in industrial and OEM applications.
The Phoenix Contact MINI Pro Signal Conditioners, available from Mouser Electronics, feature multiple configuration options, including easy setup with DIP switches, extended configuration using PC software, or simple configuration using an Android app.
The FireSpy 450bT comes equipped with three (3) beta 1394 ports; as an added benefit the FS450bT allows you to customize port operations via port mode programming dip switches.
As a special feature, the port modes on each of the 3 PHY chipsets may be programmed independently via dip switches.
5") that are water-resistant, include SMA antenna connector, screw-on power connector, RS232 interface, LEDs, DIP switches and SIM connector (except for CDMA).
We've designed the HMX3000 product line with a state-of- the-art commercially available ASIC to reduce parts counts, eliminate potentiometers and dip switches which saves you money and increases product reliability.
The AT24021 thus eliminates the need for resetting DIP switches when configuring a new system or adding a new monitor to a PC system," added Balain.
The DK4000-C167 board also has an expansion port for additional SRAM, expansion connectors for external peripherals or docking additional prototype boards, an LCD display, DIP switches, LEDs, a UART connector, and a JTAG-ISP port.
There is no need to open up the PC to add or change any cards, no need to change any DIP switches and no changes to software, such as IRQ settings.
With little training, personnel can configure the unit in minutes with simple DIP switches and the industry's slimmest installation manual, which is printed on the top of each unit.