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(computer science) one of a set of small on-off switches mounted in computer hardware

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DIP switches enable you to configure a circuit board for a particular type of computer or application.
6 amps be needed, the use of dip switches on the control interface unit allows this to be easily achieved.
Two frequency ranges can also be selected with dip switches.
It is easy to install and use, as there are no external DIP switches and no need to restart the computer for the system to recognize the IEEE 488.
The Model WV448 is powered by a flexible 9 to 30 V DC and is field configurable via DIP switches for bridge/strain gauge inputs from [+ or -] 5 mV to [+ or -] 200 mV, says Action Instruments.
A user can set inverter (on-battery) output voltages using rear panel dip switches to a steady 120 or 127 volts, with only a 5% variance.
IML products are specifically designed for easy configurability using built-in DIP switches -- no PC is required for the setup
Users are able to get the new Omron Electronics' Smartstep servo motor and drive up and running quickly and easily by simply plugging it in and setting the rotary and DIP switches on the front panel.
No rear panel DIP switches or internal camera access is needed to configure the camera.
Four small DIP switches on the back of the camera control image sharpness and contrast.
Configuration is through easily set DIP switches on the basic instrument, whilst the more advanced version has an optional fluorescent display that shows the process variables during normal operation but also guides the user during set-up.
DIP switches at the rear allow users to set SCSI ID and termination.
No dip switches and no keys are required because all control functions are configurable with front-panel buttons.
CL1314 users can also "hard-set" the desired line rate via DIP switches or console Telnet.
This plug-and-play module is configurable via onboard DIP switches for DFP, UFP, or DRP implementations, operating in I2C or GPIO mode.