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Synonyms for din

Synonyms for din

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

Synonyms for din

a loud harsh or strident noise

the act of making a noisy disturbance

make a resonant sound, like artillery


Related Words

instill (into a person) by constant repetition

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The mPm DIN connectors achieve a sealing performance from dust and water to IP67.
This innovative line of BradConnectivity[TM] mPm([R]) DIN connectors is designed to reduce the number of components, making them easier to assemble and with fewer parts to stock.
Mini-DIN adapters used in RF applications are similar in design to 7/16 DIN connectors, but have a more compact body and offer more precise electrical performance.
The new medium power 50 Watt attenuators from Pasternack Enterprises can be ordered with any combination of passivated stainless steel SMA, TNC and N connectors as well as silver plated brass 7/16 DIN connectors.
The FIO baseboard, void of all traditional connectors, features a single interface consisting of three DIN connectors that provide connections to all on-board I/O.
With the VME320's 96-pin DIN connectors, you won't have the expense of using the 160-pin DIN or metric connectors.
By replacing the venerable DIN connectors on a VME board with contemporary high- speed connectors capable of supporting signaling rates to 5 Gbps and beyond, VITA 46 provides 4 switch fabric ports of 10 Gbps each in the initial configuration, and the capacity for more than 20 ports in fabric-only configurations.