Kronecker delta

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a function of two variables i and j that equals 1 when i=j and equals 0 otherwise

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DIJ and OND individuals, regardless of year and treatment, are closely spaced on this component; other sites show individuals separating on the basis of IN versus -F and year.
With the exception of DIJ and OND individuals, this component separates the year and treatment individuals of the other sites in a similar way as the first component.
In a purchase agreement dated March 31, 2006, DIJ entered into a definitive agreement to purchase fifty and point nine percent (50.
Led by its visionary chairman, Eiichiro Hemmi, DIJ provides Japanese venture companies with investment capital, management resources, marketing support and access to new distribution channels.
The study, conducted by the Veterans Administration Capital Health Care Network in conjunction with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, was reported in the September, 2003 issue of DIJ, the official publication of the Drug Information Association.