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To enhance the program as well as increase operational and financial performance, Premier partnered with DICON in December 2008.
DICON helps hospitals with limited resources develop state-of-the-art infection control programs and gives institutions with more sophisticated programs access to comparative statistics to support infection control efforts.
Both DICON and Premier are focused on assisting hospitals of all sizes and locations with improving patient outcomes by reducing the rate of HAIs and minimizing their associated costs," said Premier's Scott D.
DICON provides training courses for nurses and physicians containing valuable, updated information on evidence-based practices for correctly and safely inserting central venous catheters (CVCs), and for properly accessing, maintaining and removing CVCs.
In addition to the DICON educational offerings, Premier's SafetyConnect offers participants a proven method to accelerate infection prevention through SafetySurveillor(TM), the comprehensive Web-based solution providing automated infection prevention, surveillance and medication management, plus its Performance Improvement Portal service, and evidence-based toolkits addressing issues such as antimicrobial stewardship.
The establishment of the DICON was by an act of parliament in 1964