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The DICA 9000 and 7800 Encryptors are truly "plug and play" devices that are installed between the ISDN application and the end user's ISDN interface.
A robust key management system is an important feature of all DICA Encryptors.
With SecMan, network managers can control all DICA encryption devices, no matter how many there are or where they are deployed, from a central location.
DICA Technologies' products include the NetPilot Secure Server Appliance and the ScryptGuard Internet Security Appliance.
DICA also supplies a range of BlueCrypt line encryptors used to protect voice, video and data transmissions carried by ISDN lines as well as a variety of multiplexers, range extenders and converters.
E-security specialist DICA Technologies produces innovative solutions for protecting voice, video, and data communications carried by the Internet and ISDN.
The OEM agreement expands an existing partnership between the two companies in which Cylink has provided DICA ISDN products equipped with its encryption technology to key financial institutions in Japan.
DICA Technologies AG is a leading international company that specializes in producing innovative products for network security and access.