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The research reveals that to get the most out of the DIA and keep income secure requires a balancing of three key variables:
Martin has been a committed and dedicated member of the DIA since 1983 and has served the DIA through various capacities including: workshop chairperson, co-founder of the Regulatory Affairs Special Interest Area Communities, chairperson of the Regulatory Affairs Annual Meeting Track, program chairperson for the 1997 Annual Meeting, chairperson of the DIA Foundation, chairperson of the DIA International Development Committee and member and past president of the DIA Board of Directors.
How will the total, retail and wholesale DIA services revenue change over the next 5 years?
Minnie Baylor-Henry, DIA Treasurer, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics, USA
To Koroshec, DIA is a way to give students hands-on experience without worrying about grades.
In addition, DIRECTV is holding a launch event today at DIA to celebrate the opening of its first airport retail kiosk, which will be located on Concourse B.
2006 DIA and Institute of Clinical Research (India), ICRI co-sponsored, Drug Discovery and Clinical Development in India: Opportunities and Challenges - October 15-18, 2006 - Mumbai, India