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List of Charts Total DIA Services Market: Market Engineering Measurements, United States, 2011 11 Total DIA Services Market: Revenue Forecast, United States, 2009-2016 29 Total DIA Services Market: Revenue Forecast Comparison of 2010 Study vs.
Which CSPs are dominating market share in the DIA services revenue market?
Total DIA Services Market: T3 Revenue Forecast, United States, 2009-2016 37
Larisa Nagra Singh, DIA Advisory Council of India, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, India
Total DIA Services Market: Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (U.
2 -- color) Brie Pearlman, 15, knits an iPod ``beanie'' that will be sold by the DIA club for $10.
Encompassing 53 square miles of land, DIA is twice the size of Manhattan Island and larger than the city boundaries of Boston, Miami, or San Francisco.
Phase One will raise $131 million over the next five years to support physical improvements and to sustain operations, while Phase Two will raise an additional $200 million by 2009, which will allow the DIA to become less dependent on public funding.
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Company, Representatives of PharmaNet Continue Their Long History of Support for DIA and Its Membership
The DIA has seen a 40 percent reduction in public funding, or almost $7 million of the museum's operating budget.
Ed Ikeguchi and newly-appointed Senior Director of Strategic Alliances Anne Zielinski will each be presenting at the 18th Annual DIA EuroMeeting to be held March 6-8, 2006 at Le Palais des Congres in Paris, France.