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Synonyms for fever

Synonyms for fever

a rise in the temperature of the body

intense nervous anticipation

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Moreover, the diagnostic criteria of DF and DHF could also be different by study (42).
Cuban researchers have played a key role in developing the widely accepted model that DHF is determined by "the interaction between the host, the virus and the vector in an epidemiological and ecosystem setting.
Further analysis indicated that any single protein would be a poor differentiator between DF and DHF, but together the proteins were 100 percent accurate in classifying the infection.
Mortality rate due to DHF in adults ranges from 1-8 per cent (6,8,9).
Since 2007, the incidence of DHF among children was already higher (4,884 cases/100,000 persons) than among the other age groups (3,261, 3,387 and 2,789 cases/100,000 persons, respectively).
In conclusion, circulation of multiple serotypes in Tirupur might enhance the probability of development of life threatening DHF in this area.
As you would expect, the DHF AFDS is designed to support its operators in the fastest and most efficient way, enabling the user to control unexpected--and possibly dangerous--situations as they arise.
Together we have the expertise and network to deliver innovative services to people touched by diabetes-especially to Latinos, who are nearly twice as likely to develop diabetes," stated Manny Hernandez, DHF president.
In Latin America, >30 countries and regions have reported DENV circulation, totaling >900,000 dengue fever cases, 26,000 DHF cases, and 300 deaths in 2007 (2).
Here we have examined the possibility of involvement of Th17 cells in the pathogenesis of severe forms of dengue disease, the DHF.
7% to the total DF/ DHF burden in the country over the years 2001-08.
The new analysis focused on the subgroup of 70 patients with DHF.
An Asian genotype of DENV-2 was introduced into Cuba in 1981 and caused a major epidemic of DF and DHF across the population of a wide range of ages, beginning with those 3 years of age (1).
Screening of mosquitoes collected from disease endemic settings and typing the virus could provide significant epidemiological information for prospective risk of DHF.
As Barry Smith, President and CEO of Rogosin, said "Rogosin and its DHF division feel privileged to be a part of the coalition and blueprint for better health, on behalf of the vulnerable children and families in Mississippi.