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Synonyms for fever

Synonyms for fever

a rise in the temperature of the body

intense nervous anticipation

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Of the 220 patients included in the study, 164 were diagnosed as DF, 52 as DHF and four as DSS.
The content of total dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber in DLF were decreased more than in DHF in comparison with LF and HF, respectively.
Various theories have been put forward including virulence dengue virus subtype-2 (DEV 2) prone to DHF as compared to DF), activation of immune complex, enhanced antibody response, compliment activation and release of cytokines which disrupt the integrity and increase vascular permeability.
And more than 10 times in DHF patients, bilirubin levels were within normal limits.
It was observed that majority of children had DF 35 (70%) while 13(26%) had DHF grade I and only 2(4%) had DHF grade III.
Categorization of patients as DF DHF and DSS was done on the basis of diagnosis mentioned in their hospital case records and was analyzed accordingly.
But, within 2 days of infection, 350 more patients showed thrombocytopenia which increased the total number of patients of DHF to 1056 (86.
Epidemics hit the island in 1977-1978 (553,132 cases), 1981 (334,203 cases of DF with 10,312 cases of DHF), 1997 (17,114 DF cases with 205 DHF cases), and 2001-2002 in Havana (almost 12,000 DF cases).
The distribution of DHF outbreaks in South East Asia correlates with emergence of mosquito Ae.
Further investigation showed that the most accurate model for predicting DHF - effective in 100 percent of the cases studied - was based on IL-10 and seven distinct proteins (tropomyosin, complement 4A, immunoglobin G, fibrinogen and three forms of albumin).
In Sri Lanka, serologically confirmed dengue was first reported in 1962 (5), but although all 4 virus serotypes were present and there were cases of DHF, only since 1989 has DHF been considered endemic to Sri Lanka (5).
In 1994, there were confirmed reports of DHF attributed to unusually heavy rainfall (Igarashi et al.
Though uncomplicated dengue fever (DF) is prevalent among children and adults in Chennai, DHF has been largely restricted to infants and children (2).
DHF is a potentially lethal complication of Dengue that presents itself in a similar manner to CCHF, with fevers and haemorrhages.
DHF and dengue shock syndrome, which is frequently fatal, appear to be more likely after a person is reinfected by unique strains of virus of a different serotype.