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English novelist and poet and essayist whose work condemned industrial society and explored sexual relationships (1885-1930)

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In later life, he became more known for biographies, including a well-respected two volume work on DH Lawrence.
1 Best known as Coronation Street's glamorous pint puller Raquel, this actress is now playing DH Lawrence heroine Gertrude Morel in a new adaptation of his novel Sons and Lovers on ITV1.
Thursday, BBC4, 9pm) is a new, two-part drama series adapted by William Ivory from two DH Lawrence novels, The Rainbow and Women In Love.
TS Eliot, DH Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Solzhenitsyn and Salman Rushdie are among the diverse authors who have also made the final 50.
The 1847 tale of thwarted love between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, set on the Yorkshire moors, pipped classics by Daphne du Maurier, DH Lawrence and Bronte's elder sister Charlotte in the poll.
Pascale Ferran's French film is adapted from John Thomas and Lady Jane, the earlier DH Lawrence story of the landmark novel.
Replicas of paintings by author DH Lawrence are to go on public display, 70 years after they were banned and called an 'outrage upon decency'.
While growing up I had a great affection for the lovely cynicism of Graham Greene, along with the works of DH Lawrence and F Scott Fitzgerald.
He belongs to the group of writers including Stan Barstow and John Braine, who were all inspired by DH Lawrence.
Previous fiction prize winners include DH Lawrence, EM Forster, Iris Murdoch and Salman Rushdie.
A collection of private papers once owned by author DH Lawrence have been donated to the University of Nottingham, UK which means that the papers will be made available for the public to see, for the first time.
Two other rare DH Lawrence books are up for auction on October 28 in London.
TODAY INDEPENDENCEDAY IN 1930: Novelist DH Lawrence died in France of tuberculosis.
Women In Love (BBC Four, 9pm) THOSE who have seen Ken Russell's big screen adaptation of the DH Lawrence novel will tell you there is one scene that overwhelms the rest - that which involves Oliver Reed wrestling naked with Alan Bates.
From the Sex Pistols to DH Lawrence, the 'f-word' has always been a hand grenade to be lobbed into polite society.