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Synonyms for licorice

deep-rooted coarse-textured plant native to the Mediterranean region having blue flowers and pinnately compound leaves

a black candy flavored with the dried root of the licorice plant


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That's where the DGL "No Risk Marketing Program" comes in -- DGL will guarantee a certain return for each client in an up-front agreement.
Leverage at DGL remains high but is expected to gradually decline in the medium term, as EBITDA grows and indebtedness remains relatively stable.
Personally, I'd use DGL or the newest ulcer remedy, Zinc-Carnosine.
9% in 2003, according to the authoritative industry survey published by DGL Consultants.
The debt is allocated as follows: US$2,190 million at DGL, US$1,310 at DL, US$819 at DIFL and US$289 at DPL.
DGL plans to acquire DPL - a sister company - in its entirety for approximately US$825 million.
30, 2009, total consolidated debt at DGL approximates to US$3.
We knew we were up for a challenge," adds Bernie Snyder, Vice President at DGL, "One particular shipment comes to mind.
TSX: DGL, OTC: DTGLF) announces that the Company's 2003 year-end financial results will be released Tuesday, May 18, 2004.
Proforma the proposed reopening and considering debt as of March 31, 2009, total consolidated debt at DGL should approximate to US$3.
As a result, DGL will book the accumulated Certus revenues of approximately $4.
31, 2008, total consolidated debt at DGL should approximate to US$3.
Enzymatic Therapy[R], the manufacturer and distributor of over 200 nutritional supplements and natural medicines, has launched a GREAT-tasting, natural solution for occasional heartburn and digestive upset - DGL ULTRA extra-strength deglycyrrhizinated licorice.
31, 2007, total consolidated debt at DGL was high at US$2.
The ratings of the new notes at the DGL level also incorporate a level of subordination and prospects for below average recovery in the event of default.