flat panel display

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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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At the recent hearing in front of Judge Peter Gibson, a lawyer for Heatley said that he had cleared the Customs & Excise debt and pounds 3,000 off the DFP bill.
125 inches of depth of penetration was achieved with a 5/8-inch-thick DFP board as a load block that would allow only 1.
The company believes that its DFP could allow desulfation of the NOx trap at lower temperatures thus providing increased NOx trap durability.
Increasing evidence points to reactivation of the herpes viruses as the underlying cause of DFP.
DFP said special acknowledgement goes to the team and web developers at digital agency Alaress, particularly Sean Richards and Mathew Sambell for the great and timely build, Andrew Bidese for his extraordinary social media skills and the great internal team at DFP.
It is a revolutionary campaign not a political one and we approve of reconciliation but not with someone who carries a weapon," said DFP founder Sherief Al-Serghy in a Saturday press conference.
The statistics contained in the Intralinks DFP represent the volume of VDRs opened, or proposed to be opened, through Intralinks or other providers for the purpose of conducting due diligence on proposed transactions including asset sales, divestitures, private placements, financings, capital raises, joint ventures and partnerships.
Spectrodyne offers a new brochure on its DFP 2000 Advanced Disappearing Filament Pyrometer.
The agreement calls for DFP to construct a state-of-the-art meat processing plant in Petersburg, Va.
Fitch's review of the assumptions and stresses during the initial rating review and the current coverage levels, as provided by the credit enhancement, is consistent with the approach outlined in the criteria for Category B DFP platforms, which FCMOT is assigned to.
The DFP Secretary General, Mohammad Abdullah Tari in a statement issued in Srinagar said the authorities in their arrogance of power have forgotten every promise it had made with the people of Kashmir.
This plug-and-play module is configurable via onboard DIP switches for DFP, UFP, or DRP implementations, operating in I2C or GPIO mode.
Polar has strengthened its integration with DoubleClick, which now includes: -One-click export of all native creatives from MediaVoice into DFP -The ability to automate 100% of the ingestion of new native creates into DFP -The ability to bundle a 'collection' of native creatives into one DFP ad call to minimize ad serving costs and page performance impacts -Support for DFP Premium, DFP Legacy and GPT tags
A spokesman for the Department of Finance and Personnel said: "The DFP is conducting an investigation into what information was stored on these laptops and what risk, if any, may be posed to civil servants' personal data.
OSB stands for Oriented strandboard; SP stands for Southern pine plywood; HP stands for Hardwood plywood; and DFP stands for Douglas-fir plywood.