flat panel display

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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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Meanwhile, the DFP said that New Delhi had become habitual of ignoring promises made with Kashmiri people at international levels.
DFP will span over 48 million sq ft within DWSC, the largest wholesale hub in the world that will take shape on a 550 million sq ft site over a 10-year period at an estimated cost of $8.
The DFP also emphasised that the mandate given to the armed forces does not give them the right to intervene in political life, but rather calls upon it to preserve national security.
DFP said special acknowledgement goes to the team and web developers at digital agency Alaress, particularly Sean Richards and Mathew Sambell for the great and timely build, Andrew Bidese for his extraordinary social media skills and the great internal team at DFP.
While DFP has been reported following a broad range of otologic and neurotologic procedures, the condition is seen most commonly after acoustic neuroma surgery, with reported rates ranging between 15 and 30%.
Se puede observar que el patron de DFP de los meses despues del huracan fue diferente y a lo largo de 2003 se presentaron dos meses de dano intenso, abril y julio.
The DFP loans will be available for a minimum of $500,000 up to the $2 million allowable under the 7(a) program.
Using integrated DFP and Maple technologies, he extended the model to three dimensions in a way that encompassed these complexities, and yet, was simple and accessible enough to be used by a wide group of.
The new DFP Query Tool features additional options to an already customisable user interface and more in-depth reporting with 22 new metrics.
Catalytica Energy Systems' DFP is designed to enable operation of NOx trap systems at low exhaust temperatures.
A coding system identified the boards in this study: OSB = oriented strandboard; SPLY = southern pine plywood; HPLY = hardwood plywood; DFP = Douglas-fir plywood.
The Sunday People has learned that the man - known to detectives as Mr Shields - fled Ulster after the massive swindle was uncovered inside the DFP now headed by the SDLP Minister Sean Farren.
Spectrodyne offers a new brochure on its DFP 2000 Advanced Disappearing Filament Pyrometer.
Votes cast for the DLP totaled 15,066; those for the UWP totaled 14,718; and for the DFP they amounted to 4,824.
3]) and, more to the point, hydrolyzes DFP about eight times faster than Soman (2).