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Synonyms for DES

a potent estrogen used in medicine and in feed for livestock and poultry

synthetic nonsteroid with the properties of estrogen

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By using the DESS intraoral scan bodies, Carestream Dental CS 3600 intraoral scanner users can produce superior implant restorations using DESS titanium bases, which have the first FDA-approved industrially preconditioned sandblasted surface applied to the cementable portion of the ti base.
Salma Akhtar, a Royati Scoiety volunteer and parent of a Year 4 DESS student, said: "This is a wonderful opportunity for our kids to learn about the UAE's culture and to be able to connect with each other.
The innovative aspects of this project rest completely in the DESS.
The DESS Consortium will use co-generation fuel cells capable of supplying both electricity and heat to households.
McCarthy was highly respected in the Dubai community as her leadership took DESS to be the first school of choice for many parents, including from the emirate's leading families and a wide range of expatriates, basing her skills on the motto "Manners Mayketh Man".
DESS hasn't released sales figures, but the company said they've exceeded expectations.
Under the agreed deal, BTG Pactual Oil & Gas Participacoes SA will acquire a 50% interest in each of Deep Sea Supply Navegacao Maritima Ltda and Deep Sea Supply Servicos Maritimos Ltda from DESS.
As DESS, one of Dubai's oldest schools and the first British school in the emirate prepares for its 50th anniversary celebrations this month, there's no mistaking the sense of nostalgia amid the excitement.
The intention is that these facilities will also become an asset to the wider Doha community, as DESS intends to make some of the rooms available outside of normal school hours.
The pilots were invited by the parents and we were happy to welcome them because having such role models come to the school to inspire the children is important," said David Hammond, Headmaster at DESS.
DESS has been celebrating its 50th birthday and wanted to win a Dubai 92 competition to have the four-man group perform at their school.