DEAE cellulose

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used for chromatography

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This formed an adequate basis of bulking the growth samples up to 8th day as sample A and those from to 9th to 21st as sample B, which were subjected to ammonium sulfate fractionation and it's binding with DEAE cellulose.
The lectin was purified from Pisum sativum seeds followed by ion exchange chromatography on DEAE cellulose column and affinity chromatography on glucose-sepharose column.
In the present study, Pea lectin was purified by using DEAE cellulose and glucose-sepharose columns that is different from the methods described in previous literatures.
Alpha amylase was purified from culture supernatant by using ammonium per sulfate, sepharose gel filtration and DEAE cellulose chromatography.
1] was modified using DEAE cellulose to get highly purified DNA.
The DEAE cellulose columns were initially equilibrated with the [T.
5 M) followed by DEAE cellulose purification was best [Table 2].
In case of Black Plum, modified CTAB isolation method combined with DEAE cellulose column purification was found to be most suitable.