differential diagnosis

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a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e

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DespatchBox DDX costs from GBP3,000 for a 25 user licence.
AK's entry into the IBM DDX Partnership Program addresses common issues in the industry around the time required to implement, maintain, audit, and track campaigns across multiple channels," said David Jakubowski, Aggregate Knowledge chief executive officer.
The IDT 92HD95 is the industry s first HD audio codec to feature a class-G headphone amp and DDX class-D speaker amp, delivering the high performance and low power consumption that our customers require.
The shooters were the Australian ship, DDX and the Hawkeye, which had simulated fighter jets flying under its control.
The ACS42200 family includes a low-power, high-fidelity codec integrated with four programmable system PLLs for internal and external timing, a DDX class-D speaker amplifier, a true cap-less headphone amplifier, and advanced built-in audio processing capability for 3D, bass and treble enhancement.
Navy officials have described the LCS as a member of a futuristic family of ships that includes the DDX land-attack destroyer and the CGX next-generation guided-missile cruiser.
The integration of our ultra-efficient DDX technology and industry-leading timing IP is a perfect example of how IDT brings the analog and digital worlds together to create value," said Patrick Griffith, senior director of marketing for the Analog and Power Division at IDT.
DDX is a trademark of Apogee Technology Inc; DIR and IrGate are trademarks of Infra-Com Ltd; Sound Terminal is a trademark of STMicroelectronics.
The Marines' best hope for big guns may be the DDX next-generation destroyer, scheduled to begin construction in 2005 and be deployed by 2011.
Sound Terminal(TM) is a trademark of STMicroelectronics; DDX is a trademark of Apogee Technology Inc.
The company markets and sells its DDX ICs to leading digital consumer electronic corporations worldwide.
Navy and Coast Guard and we look forward to follow-up contracts in support of these on-going programs and new ship construction programs, such as DDX, CVN21, JHSV, Seabasing and others," said Don Roussinos, president of L-3 Henschel.