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a digital tape recording of sound

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A DDS3 or 4 changer might be a good choice for backing up a small network--with one drive and up to seven tape cartridges such as DDS4 devices could, conceivably, back up as much as 140GB of uncompressed data and some unknown amount of compressed data.
Tape drives and media used in test Technology Manufacturer Product Model Capacity [*] type Linear Tandberg Data SLR SLR24 12GB Recording Tandberg Data SLR SLR50 25GB Helical Scan Hewlett DDS3 Surestore DAT 24i 12GB Packard Sony DDS4 SDT-S10000/ME 20GB Technology Media Tape Model Manufacturer Linear Imation SLR24 12/24 GB Recording Imation SLR50 25/50 GB Helical Scan Fuji Film 125M 4mm 12GB/24GB Fuji Film 150M 4mm 20GB/40GB (*.
Two generations of DDS technology match the criteria for this article: DDS3 and DDS4.
DDS3 was subsequently introduced and is probably at its peak point now.