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a digital tape recording of sound

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as the outsourcing partner for the DDS2 digital audio tape drive product.
The iDT-2800 operates in two modes, Digital Video Data Storage (DVDS) for real-time audio/video applications, and DDS2 for compatibility with legacy DAT drives.
Kao's new, all-purpose, 4mm DDS/DAT cartridge model KD4-CL12 works interchangeably on all DDS drives including 60m, 90m, 120m and DDS2 drives.
The 12/24 GB DAT Tape Drive, which extends Compaq's DAT family with higher reliability, twice the speed and three times the capacity of the DDS2 DAT Drive.
router(TM) version has T1/Fractional T1 Capabilities for Maximum Throughput; 56 Kbps DDS DSU/CSU Versions also Updated for 64 Kbps DDS2 Compatibility