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a doctor's degree in dental surgery

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6 TDK: At TDK, we believe that there may be several successors to DDS product.
Many organizations and systems integrators are being faced with the challenge of integrating new and existing systems as well as exposing some of their information to web applications via technologies such as REST, WS-*, and XMPP," said Angelo Corsaro, OpenSplice DDS CTO, PrismTech.
DDS has been headquartered in Southern California since it was founded in 2004.
to corner the AV data market, establish AIT-1 as the DDS replacement of choice.
Following up the successful multi-vendor interoperability demonstration performed at the latest OMG Technical Meeting in March 2009, PrismTech is releasing today, as part of OpenSplice DDS v4.
It was Sony's announcement that finally put DDS refugees out of their uncertainty, with the announcement of DDS migration.
READ: 'All lies,' says cop tagged as head of DDS on Matobato claims
DDS will also bring further wholesaling growth to Sigma as we transition the business over the next 12 months.
UP4 Adult: UP4 Adult replaces Probioplus DDS, and now has an increased potency from 10 billion up to 15 billion CFU per serving of L.
NetAcquire DDS provides extensive user-configurable "quality-of-service" settings to control network delivery behavior and efficiency.
Concentrations of DDS and its major metabolite monoacetyldapsone (MADDS) were measured by reversed-phase high-pressure liquid chromatography (2).
You can buy a variety of DDS ICs that include adders, control circuits and a DAC that produce a sine wave or sine and cosine waves--ideal for I/Q communication schemes.
DDS is a joint venture between Depa (55 per cent) and Design Studio (45 per cent), Singapore's leading furniture manufacturer, product and interior fit-out specialist.
DDS is a unique, innovative service that provides communities with professionally designed brochures, advertisements, fliers, logos and other marketing materials at an affordable price.
Under the terms of the previously announced agreement, DDS USA granted Xethanol an exclusive license, with certain exceptions, to market DDS USA's dry disaggregation technology to the ethanol industry in the USA.