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a doctor's degree in dental surgery

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Dave Brown, Chief Architect of the Generic Data Acquisition and Control System (GDACS) for the US Army Hydroelectric Design Center, commented "Around two years ago we selected DDS as the real-time publish/subscribe messaging middleware for the dam upgrade program, convinced that it was the right technology for our needs.
James Lee DDS Austin knows that many people rely on him to take care of their dental concerns each and every day.
Another important advantage of the DDS standard is the ability to interchange tapes and drives among the many different manufacturers that support this specification.
This has two major impacts for the OpenSplice DDS community and PrismTech's customers:
At DDS Lab, we pride ourselves on product quality and seek to partner with dentists to provide their patients the highest quality restorations and appliances," said DDS Lab's President Amy Ceresa.
The PrismTech and Nads partnership will deliver to the market a number of OpenSplice DDS extensions, which (1) allow seamless interoperability between HLA and DDS and (2) provide existing HLA-based simulations with the ability to transparently use a high performance transport such as OpenSplice DDS.
Olenyn, DDS to the "Registry of Business Excellence (TM)".
Nexter and PrismTech have jointly defined and implemented a number of DDS innovations that further the benefits and extend the applicability of DDS for military vehicles.
Michael Muul DDS, PA commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for me.
Madurowicz DDS commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for me.
Through this partnership, Planet DDS has private labeled LoyaltyGenerator's automated marketing software with the Dentigram brand.
UP4 Adult: UP4 Adult replaces Probioplus DDS, and now has an increased potency from 10 billion up to 15 billion CFU per serving of L.
The DDS technology provides an advanced network communications mechanism for connecting information providers with information consumers.
Dubai: Depa Limited, a leading interior contractor, on Tuesday said its joint venture DDS Contracts & Interior Solutions Pte Ltd (DDS) has been awarded its first contract in Singapore for the fit-out of 716 guest rooms, including the corridors and lobbies of the 6th to 49th floors of the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort Hotel Tower 1.