German Democratic Republic

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a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic


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He added the meeting reached a number of recommendations including to support programmes of his commission, saying they also discussed the DDR 2017 budget.
During 1Q16, DDR sold 16 operating assets and three land parcels for an aggregate USD 224m at the company's share.
Coventry also accuses DDR of misguiding it on the purchases "by overvaluing the assets it sold to Coventry" and that it "charged purposely inflated fees and escalated costs.
The DFI compatible DDR PHY product, co-developed with Fujitsu VLSI Limited[2], is delivered as a macro to customers using Fujitsu's 90-nm process technology or further advanced technologies.
Micron offers a broad range of DDR SDRAM products to meet the diverse needs of desktop, portable, networking and graphics applications.
DDR SDRAM, with its attractive price and performance, is rapidly becoming the memory of choice for a wide range of applications.
However, with Intel now allowing big PC OEMs to offer three tiers of machine (SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and RDRAM), consumers who prefer Pentium-equipped machines now have a middle-performance choice, not simply a decision between high-performance and low-cost.
NEW YORK -- Coventry Real Estate Advisors (Coventry) today filed a $500 million lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York against publicly-traded Developers Diversified Realty (NYSE: DDR) for fraud, malfeasance, mismanagement, violation of fiduciary and contractual obligations and self-dealing in 12 retail real estate projects across the country where DDR provided management, leasing and development services and was a co-investor with Coventry.
Samsung is totally committed to serving our customers by being first-to-market with leading-edge DDR SDRAM memory products.
DDR also sold over $67 million of assets during first-quarter 2009 (1Q'09) at a weighted average cap rate of 8% and currently has over $175 million of asset sales under contract or subject to letter of intent, the majority of which is under contract.
33GHz AMD Athlon processor backed with DDR memory to be a high-performance platform for digital video editing," said J.
This Institutional Review Board approved study has now provided evidence that consistent playing of DDR improves arterial function in overweight children.
We are offering our notebook customers unparalleled products by bringing the strength of Trident's 3D graphics engine together with our unsurpassed DDR power-saving capabilities.
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix combines the dance gameplay of DDR with classic Disney songs and characters, letting players of all ages and skill levels get in on the high-energy fun.
Dense-Pac Microsystems (Nasdaq: DPAC), introduced its new LP-Stack DDR series of interchangeable memory devices using its patented stacked semiconductor design technology.