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(music) the speed at which a composition is to be played

walking with slow regular strides

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The effect of DDD pacing on heart rate and LV ventricular systolic and both ventricular diastolic echocardiographic indices throughout the follow-up period, are presented in Table 1.
Table 2 presents Doppler diastolic indices of both LV and RV, during DDD pacing under the 3 different selected AVIs.
Of the total 22 patients, 20 were discharged on DDD pacing mode with an AVI of 100 ms, while in 2 an AVI of 150 ms, was selected due to a more favorable echocardiographic diastolic filling performance.
Finally, for a select subset of patients with refractory LVOT obstruction, DDD pacing with a short atrioventricular (AV) delay may be of benefit.
Despite 40 years of experience, the mechanisms whereby DDD pacing with short AV delay reduces SAM and subsequent LVOT obstruction are not yet understood.
The negative inotropic effect and dyssynchrony induced by DDD pacing may play a role by decreasing the ejection acceleration and decreasing early forces on the mitral valve (3).
The safety and longevity benefits derived from the AutoCapture(TM) Pacing System are well suited, but not limited to, the pediatric pacemaker population as demonstrated by the DDD Pacing Based on Ventricular AutoCapture in Children feasibility study," said Bernd Nowak, M.
The DDD Pacing Based on Ventricular AutoCapture in Children feasibility study is yet another piece of convincing evidence in support of this exclusive St.