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an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

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Despite the latest advancements, the power generation sector continues to employ traditional solutions such as SCADA, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and DCS systems.
Decas, the former CEO of DCS, will remain as Chairman of the Board and continue to be involved in grower relations and crop procurement.
Mountain America fully understands all of the business benefits they receive when great service and convenience is provided," said Ron Zanotti, vice president sales and marketing for DCS.
ADN added that DCS' operating division DCS Automotive, in which ADN holds a one third stake and is expected to complete the purchase of shortly, will continue as a European reseller for the newly developed "SAP solution", and that it will receive 40 percent of the net proceeds of the deal, after tax and costs.
The Letter of Intent includes provisions for SearchHelp to acquire a 10% interest in DCS for $500,000, and an option ("90% Option") to acquire the balance of the equity in DCS exercisable stock within 15 months of the closing of the minority interest in DCS.
Upon the exercising of ADN's right to purchase the remaining two thirds of DCS Automotive, Stephen Yapp, CEO of DCS Automotive's parent DCS Group plc, will join ADN's board of directors.
DRFL management anticipates that DCS will issue an additional 50,000 stored value cards in the next year through the agreement with EDP.
Randy's technical ability is well known throughout the industry," said Tom Caulfield, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, DCS, "but it has been his adept foresight in being able to create products with innovative solutions that has truly elevated the DCS brand in consumers' minds and hearts.
We believe that DCS customers will be pleased with the formidable team that we have created by uniting DCS and Kronos.
The DCS Diplomat application provides real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management tools for a mobile workforce.
The Wonderware DCS console replacement package allows DCS users to continue using their existing operator console hardware, but to extend its life and upgrade its performance by using an InTouch HMI conversion package to port existing graphics and data links with minimal effort.