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O DBpedia Spotlight, por sua vez, e uma ferramenta que permite a deteccao e a identificacao dos recursos disponiveis na Wikipedia e DBpedia para determinado texto, estabelecendo o link das palavras que fazem parte da Wikipedia.
It then acquires the URL of a Wikipedia article associated with the concept from DBpedia, requests the article in HTML, and extracts all tables from the result.
The current version of the crawler retrieves data from DBpedia and Factforge repositories, as well as any other dataset linked by these two.
For example, it is now possible to deploy personal or service-specific renditions of DBpedia within 1.
Faviki is a social bookmarking tool that provides terms from Wikipedia, extracted by the open DBpedia tool.
Soren Auer will discuss the creation of large data and knowledge bases such as DBPedia and OntoWiki.
The WSCC organizers will choose an annotation scheme that is (partly) based on an existing taxonomy, such as that given by OpenCyc (4) or DBPedia.
Estas actividades permitiran descubrir enlaces entre nuestro dataset y la DBPedia mediante el la herramienta Silk, con el fin de compartir la informacion de los MC y asi proveer Datos Enlazados Abiertos (Open Linked Data), que podran ser accedidos por cualquier persona.
With very little training, the software helps the user integrate data from a variety of internal sources, enrich it with supporting materials from repositories like DBpedia or Freebase, and analyze the resulting data set to generate reports and recommendations.
3]used DBpedia (6), a structured ontology representing a Wikipedia (7) page, for similarity calculation in addition to WordNet.
The solution approach introduced in this paper involves the use of a linked data repository, DBpedia, to improve the graph-based filtering algorithm.
Since named entities are often ambiguous, especially in multidomain ontologies, such as DBpedia [13], we have to employ sophisticated methods to determine the correct corresponding semantic concept of a named entity.
Outward links into Linked Data sources such as the DB-pedia can help connect the broader world of web resources and the knowledge laid out in Linked Data back into LIBRIS, making LIBRIS more than just an OPAC and making DBpedia itself more useful.