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For our post-interlinking author profile generation, we selected DBpedia dataset for locating the author bio-information.
The goal of this application was to automatically generate author profile which will display interlinking results along with biography information of an author from DBpedia (if presents) in an organized way.
The algorithm first locate (if present) the equivalent DBpedia URI of the person from DBpedia datasets to acquire the brief introduction of the person which is then embedded to the "Brief Introduction" section of the profile as shown in Figure 2.
You can add labels (pref, alt, hidden) to the concepts of your thesaurus based on suggestions for synonyms and translations provided by data from DBpedia.
Media Meets Semantic Web: How the BBC Uses DBpedia and Linked Data to Make Connection.
5 million named entities have been extracted from Wikipedia and mapped to the UMBEL reference structure with cross-links to YAGO and DBpedia [2].
It provides a coherent 'data dictionary' that meshes naturally with the DBpedia project OpenLink co-founded nearly two years ago," he noted.
This new version will allow easy access to the most central Linking Open Data (LOD) datasets such as DBpedia, Freebase, and Geonames, through the vocabularies of UMBEL and PROTON.
In the absence of official standards, DBpedia (3) and Yago (4), amongst others, are considered de facto standards for classification.
DBpedia is currently one of the most promising knowledge bases, having a complete ontology along with Yago [Suchanek et al 2007] classification.
The DBpedia data is maintained locally for guaranteed response and to avoid the negative consequences of a sudden downtime of DBpedia.