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(law) a name under which a corporation conducts business that is not the legal name of the corporation as shown in its articles of incorporation

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For additional information about Diccicco Battista Communications, visit DBC online at www.
Andrew Ramsden, brought in to turn DBC around, led it to the best results in its 110-year history in 2009, before quitting in 2010.
Mr Dhaliwal, chairman of DBC Foodservice, said at the time: "This is not a takeover of DBC by Iceland, and Malcolm, Andy and I will remain firmly focused on our day jobs there.
The AXIOM Artis dBC Magnetic Navigation System integrates Siemens most advanced digital fluoroscopic imaging system, the AXIOM Artis dFC (Flat Panel Detector System), with Stereotaxis, Inc.
Recently, DBC has offered other companies a special link to its quote server through a customized "brand-label" quote service.
DBC and Edgenics will implement their respective services in cooperation with key technology partners that are providing unique solutions for digital video compression, media asset management and collaboration software, network management and other technology components.
His agency's client experience makes him a perfect fit for DBC.
Commitment from DBC to work with schools to provide services that better community, including job training;
As recently reported, DBC, ADT II ,Scopus Network Technologies (Scopus), IRDETO and Comex Worldwide, have forged a worldwide digital broadband coalition that is destined to revolutionize the manner in which television programming, internet access, and telephony services are delivered to the American home or business.
By teaming with Alianza, DBC has launched voice services and applications to their rapidly expanding customer base of WiMAX broadband subscribers in underserved communities across the country.
Andrew Ramsden has been reappointed CEO of DBC Foodservice after a two-year absence.
In winning the grant, DBC joins a select group of just 6% of last-mile applications (i.
Under a 28 V drain bias and 50 W average output power in an EDGE application, the MWE6IC9100N addresses the stringent linearity requirements with spectral regrowth of -63 dBc and -81 dBc at 400 kHz and 600 kHz, respectively, with EVM of two percent rms.
DBC Foodservice has won an exclusive[pounds sterling]2.