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a logarithmic unit of sound intensity


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Despite the lack of a competitive solution to the return path issue, DBS will continue to be a major player in the multichannel market through its established base and strategy of targeting underserved markets such as rural areas and international communities," said Senior Vice President Derek Baine.
How competitive will DBS be with conventional drug therapies?
Compared to medication alone, DBS of the STN caused significantly greater improvements in motor function after six months.
We are proud to be selected by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) as its payment solution partner in such a visionary project, and are honoured to participate in Hong Kong's largest EMV-smart card transformation," said William Nichols, VeriFone vice president, Emerging Markets & International Marketing.
While not a cure, DBS has allowed these patients to return to much more functional and happy lives," said Dr.
Olanow, who served as one of the original investigators for the global clinical trial of DBS in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.
We were chosen by DBS on the strength of our ability to help the bank achieve its long-term growth objectives.
By partnering with Idera, DBS is able to offer state-of-the-art, yet easy-to-use solutions that keep SQL Server databases running in top form.
Lee Whye Choo, Managing Director of Information Technology at DBS Bank said, "After an extensive evaluation of vendors as well as a proof-of-concept test, we selected Eontec because of it's proven flexibility, performance and scalability.
The Rainbow DBS satellite is expected to launch on July 17, 2003 well ahead of the FCC deadline of August 31, 2003.
Of the 1,500 telephone interviews between very recent (within three months) and longer-term DIRECTV and Dish Network subscribers conducted in April 2003, 84 percent indicated overall satisfaction with their DBS service.
For the DBS Absolute Return Fund, we have built a customized product that aims to provide a high-quality return profile coupled with low volatility and which excludes strategies commonly associated with volatile hedge funds, such as global macro, managed currencies and short selling.
DBS can expect cost savings of about 20% over this period as a result of this outsourcing initiative as well as other cost saving measures to be undertaken by the bank.
Today's decision does not appear to adequately reflect the results of a Congressionally-mandated independent test that conclusively demonstrated that allowing this type of sharing will cause a `significant interference threat' to DBS subscribers.