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Our existing Cellular DBMS implementation is an extension of FAME-DBMS.
Carl Olofson, research vice president for Information Management and Data Integration Software at IDC states, "Progress has been the leading player in the embedded DBMS space for over a quarter century, offering a range of products for ISVs to use in building and deploying their applications.
IDC's recently released Worldwide XML Database Management Software Forecast and Analysis, 2002-2006 (IDC #27315) presents the latest findings in the XML DBMS market including vendor profiles and performance, five year forecast, market overview, future outlook, and essential guidance for vendors participating in this emerging market.
The solution consisted of 252 D3 Linux DBMS servers with Pick's FlashCONNECT(R) web-enabling software running on IBM Netfinity 3000's with D3 AIX DBMS corporate server running on a 5 node IBM RS/6000 SP.
Unlike the traditional relational DBMS which places data into fixed two-dimensional tables of rows and columns, the revolutionary Infobionics Cellular DBMS[TM] places data and metadata into individual "Data Cells" that can be flexibly combined into "Data Sets.
It also demonstrates Pick's D3 DBMS servers and tools provide the right business solution to heterogeneously tie enterprise-wide data together.
The majority of DBMS software revenues are generated in North America and Europe, the first-and second-largest markets, respectively.
intelligence agencies and select corporations, the Infobionics Cellular DBMS excels in complex data and knowledge applications, such as business intelligence, bio-informatics, and social networking type applications.
Not only does the new JS approach boost database performance, it offers a straightforward, hardware- and software-independent platform for improving key operations in DBMS and derivative applications regardless of the DBMS's type or vendor," states Moshe Shadmon.
DBMS is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, an active participant in the commercial real estate market, with extensive experience in originating, financing, and securitizing commercial real estate debt.
The JS database engine is an innovative set of access algorithms and associated software that can be implemented in a variety of DBMS products, 4GI development tools and data management applications.
Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), a global supplier of application infrastructure software used to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, announced today that IDC has named Progress Software as the largest pure-play embedded database management system (DBMS) vendor in the IDC, "Worldwide Embedded DBMS 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares," Doc # 209653, December 2007 Report with the Progress[R] OpenEdge[R] business application development platform.
Called the JS DBMS engine, "the innovative core database technology, is poised to radically change how enterprises handle their business-critical data," according to ORI President and CEO Moshe Shadmon.
CHICAGO -- In recent tests of both throughput and power efficiency, the MySQL Database Management System delivered superior results when compared to several other popular DBMS packages, including Sybase (NYSE: SY) and PostgreSQL.
This architecture enables users to be productive when they are not connected by enabling database applications to automatically switch to a local DBMS.