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Performance Information on SQL Coming to DB2 through DDF -- Compuware Strobe DB2 DDF support identifies dynamic and static SQL statements executing within the DDF address space so that users can see what SQL ran on behalf of a particular location.
IBM is excited that DB2 and WebSphere solutions have been chosen to help OSDN elevate the quality of service received by SourceForge.
We're very pleased to be working with PLATINUM technology to develop the Replication Agent for DB2 and to further deliver on the promise of Replication Server and SYBASE Enterprise CONNECT(TM).
Uptake for DB2 LUW has surged in recent years, and many DBAs find themselves charged with managing disparate DB2 platforms for the first time," said Billy Bosworth, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Database business unit, Quest Software.
The complete results of Edison Group's "Comparative Management Cost Study: Oracle Database 10g and IBM UDB DB2 8.
The new product offerings for DB2 Universal Database for Linux will be generally available on December 15, 2000.
DB2 Version 3's client/server enhancements include multi-site update, which allows users at multiple locations to access and update data within the same unit-of-work.
The xfy Enterprise Solution for IBM DB2 gives us the ability to reuse data at the client side, and it is easy to customize.
2 of Archive for DB2 includes new offline delete options and enhanced Large Object (LOB) handling that improves performance by more than 25 percent.
Additionally, the Arkeia DB2 plug-in includes a "userexit" feature that utilizes push technology to automatically initiate client-side archive log backup.
Having been certified compatible with DB2, and having passed IBM's high standards of testing and validation, JustSystems ensures easy and successful integration with IBM DB2 data server software, including the new DB2[R] 9.
IBM DB2 Information Integrator software helps customers solve this pain point, enabling businesses to access, integrate and manage all types of data in real-time, as if it were a single source, regardless of where the data resides.
IntelliVIEW Designer and Report Analyzer for DB2 Express-C have been specifically designed to support IBM's DB2 community initiative and operate seamlessly with DB2 Express-C.
NYSE:BMC), a provider of enterprise management, has introduced new SmartDBA data management solutions for IBM DB2 Universal Databases (UDB).