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a digital tape recording of sound

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When I try to open the DAT file I get a warning that "this type of file is used by the operating system and by various programs.
1 introduces several new filters, DVD-VR import, DV Camera export, dual pass encoding, Undo/Redo functions, Half-D1 resolution for DVD and other features, while Nero ShowTime adds powerful post-processing for Nero Digital, Dynamic Noise Control (DNC) for CD/DVD during playback, IFO and DAT file playback support, and subtitle and chapter support for Nero Digital.
For customers running at least this DAT file, no action is required.
Provides 10% to 30% better detection than signature DAT files alone.
It features a range of new functions such as automatic deletion of spyware programs, automatic daily updating of DAT files and automatic restoration of virus-infected files.