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a digital tape recording of sound

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The new DAT WideLog features intuitive touch screen commands that help operators to perform multiple tasks with greater efficiency.
Association between DAT positivity along with elution positivity and high bilirubin levels was assessed using chi-square test.
3]s AutoCAT and the DAT uropa-Code make it possible to offer all of the equipment information, prices, etc.
1] e ocorreu aos 55 DAT, nos dois hibridos: Iracema e Gran Prix em Petrolina (Figuras 1A e 1B) e de 406,99 e 426,31 g [planta.
O acumulo maximo de massa seca estimado no bulbo ocorreu respectivamente para "IPA 11" e "Texas Grano 502" aos 90 DAT em Petrolina (Figuras 1A e B) e aos 83 DAT e 72 DAT em Barauna (Figuras 1C e D).
Egg densities 3, 7, and 14 DAT were not significantly different from each other in the untreated control in any trial (Table 4; see Table 2 for egg densities).
Indeterminate DAT levels were seen in 17% of the hyposmic and in 7% of the normosmic groups, and normal levels were seen in 71% of the hyposmic and 92% of the normosmic groups.
Proponents also assert that DAT provides humans with enhanced concentration (a vague claim unproven scientifically); alters people's brainwaves therapeutically via the dolphin's echolocation, the sensory system of high-pitched sounds the dolphin makes (nothing more than pseudoscience); and generally enhances biophilia (a feel-good, New Age love of nature).
Aside from the attraction of easy ordering of lab tests, many patients are attracted to DAT because of the sometimes substantial savings DAT labs offer over other labs.
Nine Mile Run DAT Alignment Configuration Matrix Issue/Criterion Alternative A Walls B2 C On RR D Lowered Bridges at Grade Roadway 1.
In a small minority of people, a positive DAT is actually a marker--not a risk factor, a marker--that they have some cancer growing," said Dr.
Maxell Corporation of America, a provider of premium data storage media products, announced on Friday (27 April) general availability starting in May of DAT 160, the sixth generation DDS media.
Worldwide Computer Products News-30 April 2007-Maxell announces availability of DAT 160 sixth generation DDS media(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
0 software, the Model 802 DLS with DAT is able to automatically adjust the instrument to its optimum setting, sample by sample, according to the company.