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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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With Secretary Gates, the practice of end-running the OSD staff came to an end, and no plan review could be placed on the Secretary's calendar unless the DASD for Plans confirmed that the plan was ready to go to the Secretary.
The results of analysis indicate that workstation price is most affected by the level of DASD supported, the minimum amount of RAM memory, and the degree to which the machine and the degree to which the machine represents a "standard" workstation configuration in terms of the SCSI between the auxiliary storage and the workstation.
Key functions conducted within the DASD for Homeland Security Integration are melded into the other two DASDs responsible for homeland defense matters, and this "DASD-ship" is disestablished.
4 L75, the latest version of INNOVATION's world class solution for non-disruptive volume migration and low impact consolidation of System z mainframe z/OS DASD includes major new enhancements.
They fail to consider that both performance and reliability are often affected by the fragmentation that occurs when Windows Server writes data to any storage -- and that's not just DASD or NAS, but also SAN.
Mainframe environments, virtual tape libraries (VTLs), disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity, data vaulting, archiving and de-duplication, tapeless backup, DASD emulation, FICON and ESCON connectivity, data security and encryption
Many storage vendors, including Memorex and Storage Technology, took aim at IBM's captive storage market with plug-compatible DASD at a lower price, but mostly were unsuccessful.
Based on data from literally hundreds of deals, it provides target prices for current processors, upgrades, and DASD, and much more besides.
However, XRC requires host resources such as CPU, main and expanded storage, DASD for control, and journal data sets, as well as controller resources (such as cache for the sidefile to temporarily store the updates).
Let's take DASD subsystems today and compare them to those of the past.
Additionally, archive data retrieval applications such as Mobius ViewDirect, IBM ImagePlus and others offer substantial improvement in end-user service levels as MDL retrieves tape data at near DASD speeds.