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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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With Secretary Gates, the practice of end-running the OSD staff came to an end, and no plan review could be placed on the Secretary's calendar unless the DASD for Plans confirmed that the plan was ready to go to the Secretary.
Luminex's Virtual/BLUE 3990 is the first disk independent control unit that enables open systems disk storage for use as native DASD on mainframes.
The annual fixed-weighted index for computers and peripheral equipment is calculated using weights for processors, PC's, DASD, printers, and displays based on 1982 shipments by domestic manufacturers.
DASD for Homeland Defense and Defense Support to Civil Authorities.
For several critical areas of analysis -- Logical Control Units, SMS Storage Groups and DASD Groups -- a new level of exception reporting is now available.
These virtual tape systems may soon find a different kind of clone from DASD storage vendors that doesn't even have a tape subsystem in it.
According to Louis Grosskopf, director of product marketing at Sterling Software's Storage Management Division, "Most organizations now run both conventional DASD and RAID.
Intelligent DASD Manager Automatically Performs Space Management
According to the CCEVS evaluation description FDRERASE is an application that runs under the IBM z/OS operating system on a mainframe computer that provides two CCEVS security validated disk erasure functions: ERASE and SECUREERASE that overwrite DASD to ensure the risk of residual data remaining, if any, is appropriate with the risk of a person scavenging for that data.
Features such as virtual DASD and hot sparing have made Iceberg a safer and more efficient storage alternative than traditional DASD.
Together, Virtual/BLUE 3990 and FlexLine online storage systems offer StorageTek's mainframe customers cost-effective options to vastly increase the capacity of their tier two mainframe DASD data storage.
headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, reported DASD and CPU savings
a leading supplier of data center connectivity products, announced significant enhancements to the zDASD 3990 Controller, its leading product for connecting mainframes to open system storage products in support of DASD (ECKD) file access.
Although the cost per megabyte for storage is decreasing, the demand for DASD space is growing exponentially.