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Historical Displays and Artifacts Highlights from DARPAs storied past To ensure that our warfighters can win any fight now and in the future, Secretary Mattis and Deputy Secretary Shanahan have prioritized modernization, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Ms.
Indeed, out of this came DARPA programs such as Arpat, a complicated missile interception scheme that the head of the program himself labeled only "kind of nutty.
As a description of DARPA's work, DARPA Hard characterizes the kinds of ideas the agency pursues--challenges so complex, complicated, and difficult that only DARPA will take them on.
In another move that could shake up the acquisition system, DARPA is sponsoring a project to dramatically change how satellites are acquired.
color) The oblique flying wing - a supersonic airplane concept from the 1940s being developed by DARPA - would be a tailless craft with a ``scissors'' wing in which one wingtip points forward and the other back at high speed, reducing drag.
TIA is developing breakthrough software for building a large virtual, centralized database capable of quick mining by counterintelligence officers, even though the data will be held in many places, in many languages, and in many formats, DARPA said.
DARPA has pledged about $2 million in funding to support IBM's Low Power Center as part of the low-power program.
SGI's relationship with DARPA dates back 20 years to the beginnings of SGI as a company, when SGI founder Jim Clark-then a professor at Stanford University-received critical financial support from DARPA for his Geometry Engine project, the goal of which was to harness modern custom integrated-circuit technology to create cost-effective, high-performance graphics systems.
Based on the promising results, DARPA funded an extension to the project.
What caused an unlikely agency like DARPA to provide decent return on government investment?
DARPA provides hundreds of millions of dollars to high-risk, high-payoff technological projects and demonstrated "revolutionary approaches" that may lead to improved weapons systems (see R&D, November 1989).
Since its founding in 1958 in the midst of the Cold War, DARPA has been a driver of technologyand its the Agencys program managers who are in the drivers seats.
Fuchs's thoughtful and persuasive tutorial on making DARPA-E successful ("Cloning DARPA Successfully," Issues, Fall 2009) rests on two unprovable assumptions: first, that DARPA has been successful, and second, that the reasons for that success are knowable and replicable.