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Synonyms for VI

the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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Recent Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC-C) results demonstrate the performance benefits of using DAFS technology in database environments.
Jim Pappas is a co-chair of the DAFS Collaborative and director of technology initiatives at Intel (Hillsboro, OR).
The DAFS Collaborative was formed in June 2000 by Network Appliance, Intel, and other leading systems and storage networking vendors, with the goal of making the Direct Access File System protocol available to the industry.
DAFS communication has more in common with high-performance messaging systems.
DAFS has a fundamental advantage over other file access methods when reading data.
DAFS, we believe, will be an important underpinning for the data center of the future-enabling independently and massively scalable storage and compute power, resiliency to application server and file server failovers, multiprotocol data sharing, ease of management, and a heterogeneous, standards-based environment that promotes Cost efficiency and vendor independence.
Brunn said Manheim and Remarketing Solutions plan to expand the DAFS program to 10 Western states before year's end and will complete a national rollout by mid-2006.
Now those applications that will be built on top of or with DAFS itself, describe how those applications are going to benefit from this.
With uDAPL and DAFS over InfiniBand, our customers can now maximize price/performance value for both servers and storage," said Stu Aaron, vice president of marketing at Topspin.
JNI and Network Appliance are leading the development of software and hardware technology for networked storage in server cluster environments and are working closely to advance industry standard APIs as members of the InfiniBand Trade Association, DAT Collaborative, RDMA Consortium, and the SNIA DAFS Forum.
NetApp DAFS Database Accelerator is the first DAFS-enabled storage solution that is closely integrated with Oracle9i Database via the Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) to deliver ease of management and improve business application performance.
NYSE:SY), a leading e-Business infrastructure provider, today announced DAFS Database Accelerator availability for Sybase Adaptive Server(R) Enterprise (ASE) 12.
Nasdaq:NTAP), a leading provider of enterprise network storage solutions, has selected the Emulex GN9000/VI Virtual Interface (VI) HBA to provide the connectivity solution for its new DAFS Database Accelerator, the industry's first storage solution based on the DAFS (Direct Access File System) protocol.
TPC-C Performance Results Demonstrate DAFS Database Accelerator
Debuts Industry's First DAFS Storage Subsystem and Business