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United States film maker who was the first to use flashbacks and fade-outs (1875-1948)

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For in his latest role, Washington has taken on the black antihero and made him a real human being, rather than the two dimensional, primitive demon he has too often been since first D.
The organisation of the space, with its grand stair that rises through tall palm trees to the upper level, has a touch of D.
The Sackler show includes lectures, a small number of other artifacts, a workshop on how to tweet in cuneiform, concerts and a showing of the 1916 silent film "Intolerance," directed by D.
Canjels also offers new views on the serial work of well-known directors such as D.
An official New York City landmark, the Paramount building has a rich history as a laboratory of early American cinema, where pioneers like Adolph Zukor, D.
In 1919, movie studio United Artists was incorporated by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, D.
The Civil War has been honored with more than forty major film and television awards, including two Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards, Producer of the Year Award from the Producer's Guild, People's Choice Award, Peabody Award, DuPont-Columbia Award, D.
In 1919 the biggest Hollywood stars of the era -- Charles Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks -- and the most successful silent film director, ``Birth of a Nation's'' D.
Ten years prior to her appearence in Back to God's County, which was released in 1919, no less than three actresses could lay claim to the title of the first Canadian movie star, and, remarkably, they all appeared in films by D.
Green beautifully contrasts the narrative structure in Micheaux's films with his contemporary--cum--nemesis D.
Although his name is not as well known as those of D.
of Manchester, UK) explores the ways that filmmaker D.
Occasionally, they uncritically repeat some of the "old chestnuts" of film history (for example, the idea that D.
The historic United Artists brand was initially founded some 85 years ago by movie greats Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and D.