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Contact: Allan Noe, 1156 15th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.
McManamon is being assigned as deputy commander for Warfare Systems Engineering, SEA-06, Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, D.
The new issue of Capitol File blurbs photos of partygoers with the tired line about D.
While the Medicare Senior Patrol meets and works directly with the senior citizens in the D.
During his remarks, Gingrich implied that the only choice D.
Of the 12 markets surveyed, Midtown New York and Washington, D.
There is no question that the highly respected and experienced lawyers at Cole, Raywid & Braverman are a perfect fit to grow our Washington, D.
In any event, it was not fear of white backlash that deflected the Bush administration and D.
CALVIN GRIFFITH, ONETIME OWNER of the original Washington Senators baseball team, was once asked why he moved the team in 1960 from Washington, D.
2 -- color) Marco Etcheverry holds up the MLS Cup as his D.
Solana Beach, CA; Loren Seagrave, Lilburn, GA; Douglas Seckendorf, D.
ON OCTOBER 21, GOVERNMENT VANS, chartered buses, and even neighborhood mail trucks delivered a steady stream of postal workers to the ambulance bay of D.