Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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English poet and painter who was a leader of the Pre-Raphaelites (1828-1882)


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Others were to become the new face of Pre-Raphaelite art, the later generation of artists working under the influence of D.
In April 1882 Navarro Della Miraglia published an article on D.
She is chiefly known as a model for the Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron and for D.
30) Moreover, D'Annunzio's first novel Il piacere was one of the most important vehicles for the spread of the neo-Renaissance style and English Pre-Raphaelitism in Italy; it made the Pre-Raphaelites fashionable and gave a great impulse to the cult of D.
33) Interest in the Pre-Raphaelites, and principally the later Pre-Raphaelite style of Burne-Jones, D.