printer cable

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a cable between a computer and a printer

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The site now has 29 additional distributors and 14 manufacturers serving domestic and international markets with a broad range of connector terminal blocks, power entry module, circular connectors, terminals, RF, power and rectangular connector, fiber optics & D-sub connectors, networking & telecom components, adapters, IC sockets, PCB connectors, microprocessors, diodes & rectifiers, assortments, memory modules, microcontrollers, interface, analog & linear devices, transistors, multimedia products, radio/IR controls, power management ICs, communications & digital equipment assortments, sensors, robotics, motors, logic controllers, motor/servo controllers, oscillators and other types of components.
Positronic (Springfield, MO) has introduced the Unibody design of its WD and WDD series of environmental D-Sub connectors.
Even if the camera shared the same style of physical interface as the frame grabber board, such as D-Sub connectors, the pin-out and wiring configuration between equipment may not have been compatible.
All FCT D-Sub connectors, including standard, SMT, THT, crimp, and dualport versions, are available in various combinations of materials and platings.
The IP67-rated D-sub connectors ensure a continuously secure connection, are dustproof, and protect against temporary submersion in water.
Compared to the equivalent standard density D-Sub connectors, the company claims a savings of 40 percent in space and over 100 percent in weight is achieved.
If the designer elects to use external amplifiers, the ICM-20100 eases interconnection because it provides d-sub connectors for each axis: The ICM-20105 provides optically isolated I/O in addition to d-sub connectors.
By stocking NorComp in Europe we can now supply these highly demanded D-Sub connectors at the right price with a very quick delivery.
The Model 3732 uses two 78-pin male D-sub connectors for signal and configuration connections.