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a grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom

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However, normal development proceeded to the D-shell veliger stage only once: when mussels were collected during their spawning season and maintenance time at OIMB was less than 2 months (Table 1).
Larvae developed to D-shell veligers by day 8 in cultures that were increased to 12-14 [degrees]C after hatching, and these larvae were never fed.
Pricing is the same for D-shell or modular connector choices.
For example, the D-shell connector kits save installation and maintenance costs by allowing fast, mass terminations to multiplexer modules with a ribbon cable.
CAPSXpert PCB Connectors WWW is a collection of information on commercial PCB-type connectors, including general purpose connectors, PCB card edge connectors, polarized or D-shell connectors, headers and "box" receptacles, high-density connectors and DIN 41612 system connectors, plus manufacturers' datasheets and catalogs.