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a monosaccharide sugar that has several forms

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The two sugar moieties were finally identified as D-glucose and L-rhamnose due to acidic hydrolysis of compound 1 followed by comparative TLC of the hydrolyzed sugars with the authentic samples of glucose and rhamnose and their optical rotation values [[alpha]]D20 + 50.
It seemed that biosynthesis of chlorophyll in the cyanobacterial cells as a response of addition of carbon sources, D-glucose or molasses to the growth medium had variable effect.
As has been observed in in vivo HIRI models, inflammatory cytokines, including MCP-1 and TNF-[alpha] in culture medium, were both significantly increased after exposure to 25 mM D-glucose under normoxic settings as well (Figures 4(c) and 4(d), P < 0.
18) X-ray crystallography disclosed that the primary C6 hydroxyl groups on the D-glucose molecules are located on the smaller outer ring of the truncated cone, while the secondary C2 and C3 hydroxyl groups are located on the larger outer ring.
Although endothelial cells have insulin receptors, most of glucose enters the cells through facilitated transport of D-Glucose [25] and this transport mechanism is significantly increased in diabetic retinopathy.
Glucose oxidase (from Aspergillus niger), galactose oxidase (from Dactylium dendroides), [beta]-galactosidase (from Aspergillus oryzae), D-glucose, D-galactose, and D-lactose were obtained from SigmaAldrich.
Dietary phenolic compounds: inhibition of Na+-dependent D-glucose uptake in rat intestinal brush border membrane vesicles.
Temperature sensitivity and substrate specificity of two distinct Na+-activated d-glucose transport systems in guinea pig jejunal brush border membrane vesicles.
5 M solutions of [alpha]-mannose, D-glucose, L-fucose, D-galactose, N-acetyl-glucosamine or N-acetyl-galactosamine which are known competitors of the lectins LCA, Con-A, LTA, BS-1, GSL II and DBA respectively.
It is a viscous polysaccharide made up of units of the monosaccharide D-glucose.
In this study, AuNPs were synthesized with D-glucose and applied to augment the lethal effect of 2450 MHz electromagnetic radiation against S.
Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) is most commonly used in imaging; it assembles the radiotracer fluorine-18 with an analog of D-glucose.
Trehalose and D-glucose [4], lipophorin [5] vitellogenin [6] transferrin [7] a very high density lipoprotein [8] and even hypertrehalosaemic peptides [9] have been found in this insect.
Given that the starting material is maltodextrin, which consists of repeating D-glucose units of varying length, it is conceivable that various modified glucose or maltose molecules remain in Fibersol after the manufacturing process and produce the interference observed with the POC method.